The policy that protects you from any weather.

Whether rain, drought or hurricane wind, the choice is yours on how, when, and what you want protected!

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How it works

You've never seen insurance like this.
Super simple and super transparent.


Create a policy in minutes, from the comfort of your home. Configure the policy that best fits your needs.


Using public atmospheric data, we monitor your parish for covered events.


If we detect an event we automatically reach out to initiate your claim.

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Never worry about heavy to severe rainfall impacting you and your life again. Once extreme rain falls for a 3 day period or you have a sustained rainfall over a 12 day period, your policy ensures you are paid for damage incurred.


If rain does not fall or your region is experiencing drought for 2 weeks, your policy will make a pay out to ensure you and your farm or livelihood is in good stead.

Hurricane Winds

Once your farm, boat or livelihood is within 25 miles of hurricane winds, you automatically have peace of mind knowing your payout is en route to your bank account.

Protecting what matters:
your well-being

After an event, the priority is you. We want you to have cash for whatever you need, quickly and with no questions asked.

Your safety is in good hands.

Each policy is insured by GKI, and reinsured by Munich Re, a reinsurer with an A.M.Best A+ rating.

Cash for whatever you need

Use your payout for anything, with no restrictions.
You can use your payout for:

Comprar planta eléctrica, gasolina, agua o provisiones

Hacerle reparaciones a donde vives

Cubrir pérdidas de ingresos

Pagar prestamos

Viajar o mudarte temporeramente

¡Todo lo demás!
¡No hay restricciones!